Sunday, March 8, 2015

Let's Be Ready For The Rain That We Do Get!

Rain Barrel Truckload Sale

Rain Barrels FREE After Rebate!

The MWD and DWP gives up to a $100 rebate per barrel for 4 Rain Barrels per household, with one submission allowed. The cost of the rain barrels is $85.00 and then you apply for the rebate and you will receive your money back!

Pick up your rain barrels from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Rain Barrels should be pre-ordered but we will have some available the day of the event. Order here

For easier pick up, distribution on March 29th will be from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Hub on Venice at  11827 Venice Blvd.

Meet Rain Barrels International and learn about nature's solution to our drought, and explore all the opportunities that fresh, soft chemical free water offers to your garden. 
The rain barrel is an invention that has been used for centuries, but in recent years their relevance has become more pronounced. When we do get rain, we can't tolerate the waste of letting it run into storm drains. Learn how it can be captured and reused!

This is a business that was founded for all of the right reasons - read their wonderful story....
The Rain Barrel Company was started in 2006 by our 12 year old son (who wanted to make one for me as a birthday gift). I loved the barrel and so did all my friends. My son then took it to a local garden center (Norwood Road Gardens, Raleigh, NC) who graciously agreed to sell his product. In the next couple of days the garden center sold four rain barrels and my son enlisted the manufacturing assistance of his twin sister. The children decided that this would be their way to help the environment and make some extra holiday spending money. They quickly found out they were providing a top quality product with high demand.
The business has grown and our products are currently sold in 119 stores in nine states. On Friday nights, we no longer all go into the garage as a family to watch a video, eat popcorn and make rain barrels together. However, both of our young teens are still very involved in the business and are learning the day to day operations of running a company. Our company now has a crew that assembles our rain barrels out of recycled food grade barrels that would otherwise be headed to landfills.
Our children have proven that everyone can make a difference to address our country's drought and recycling concerns.

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