Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our Diet Has a Water Footprint Too! Learn More on March 16th!

There is a huge difference in the water used to produce beans versus meat. Learn how our food choices can help combat the drought.

Lawrence Ziese of WorldFest will join us to share his vegan tips. Maybe you are ready for a 30 day trial as a vegan or just want to add a meatless Monday to your week. Lawrence will share some easy recipes using what is being sold at the market the day of the Expo.

Sunday March 16th 9 AM to 2 PM

Corner of Grand View & Venice, Mar Vista, CA.


  1. Interesting chart. I'm wondering, and I'm not trying to be cute here or anything, but I wonder how much water it takes to raise fish in land based ponds. For those of us who enjoy some meat protein in our diet this may be the way to go. With our oceans being over fished, will this be the water conservation alternative? I'd love to hear some comment.

  2. I've found two great web sites for research -